"Crafting Code & Building Dreams: A Journey from Workshop Mastery to Digital Dominance."
About Me

About Me

We all have a journey, here is a little about mine.
JT before and after


I'm Jonathan Torres-Herrera, a full-stack developer with a unique path. My journey, traversing from hands-on blue-collar craftsmanship to strategic white-collar entrepreneurship, highlights my adaptability and ambition. 

With roots in low-voltage expertise and a knack for transforming ideas into operational businesses, I embody a blend of technical skill and strategic acumen. 

Beyond the code, I'm a powerlifting enthusiast and a podcast aficionado, continually merging technology, strategy, and life's vibrant dimensions.
My Skills

My Skills

With a dynamic blend of full-stack development expertise and strategic business acumen, I have navigated diverse roles across technology and leadership. 
Full-Stack Development;
Database Management;
Equity-Focused UI/UX Designer;
API Integration and Strategy;
Innovative Solution Architect;
Entrepreneurial Leadership;
Strategic Business Development;
Project Management;
Leadership and Supervision;
Innovative Problem-Solving;
Telecomm and Network Expertise;
Low-Voltage Systems;
Hands-On Tech Problem Solver;
Physical Infrastructure Setup;
Field Ops and Management;
My Projects

My Projects

My portfolio of diverse projects, where each tells a story of innovation and problem-solving. From developing the multifaceted to orchestrating digital transformations, my journey reflects a commitment to excellence.
  • get blackwoods page

    A storefront built on WooCommerce for a small sunglasses brand.
    datally page

    Custom build data management system to query marketing lists.

    Red Canary Landing Page

    A Pipeline Builder landing page to help generate form-fill leads.
  • driverback page

    A product page is for a custom patented tool adapter for impact drills.
    deryck richardson page

    Personal biography page that showcases an insurance leader's accomplishments.
    speed financial group page

    A direct-to-consumer finance services page for an up-and-coming broker.
  • scriptel page

    A simple but effective script guidance tool geared for telemarketing efforts.

    VMWare Landing Page

    Landing page for VMWare, wich aims to generate more form-fill leads.
    jth page (ver.2)

    This is the first version of this page, which has a more vibrant design.
Contact me

Let's Keep in Touch

If you're interested in working together, send me a quick message by filling out this form. I will do my best to get back to you within 24 hours.
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